Young Suk Lee is a multimedia artist and researcher...artdesignys@gmail.com

She is currently working at Indiana University in South Bend, IN

as an Assistant professor of Integrated New Media Studies.

She studied Digital art (video art and interactive installations

fabricated by 3D digital Prints and mixed media)

while achieved her second MFA at IU, Bloomington.

She also received her M.S degree in Human Computer Interaction Design

at Bloomington, Indiana University’s School of Informatics and Computing

while creating critical designs, and She holds a minor major in art history

(Modern/Contemporary Art). Originally, She obtained her Bachelors and

her first Master Degree in Fine Arts(MFA)with an emphasis in printmaking

(etching and lithography)at Hong-ik University in Seoul,South Korea.

Her work has been presented and displayed in multiple international venues...


My mentors

Jawshing Arthur Liou (Digital Art)
Director of Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts Indiana University,Bloomington

Nicole Jacquard (Metalsmithing & Jewelry Design & Sculpture)
Associate Professor of Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Arts Indiana University, Bloomington

Dawna Schuld (History of Art)
Assistant Professor of Texas A&M University


My life

I get really excited about swimming,fishing and making.